Trophy Mountain Ranch Outfitters

trophy mountain ranch

Mailing Address:
PO Box 16
4000JCRoad #4
Cowdrey, Colorado 80434
(970) 723-4000

Trophy Mountain Ranch is a private game hunting preserve containing some of North America’s largest trophy bull elk and is ideal for the hunter looking for a great hunting experience. With management and selective breeding, we are able to achieve superior herd genetics and exceptional offspring each year. Bulls are bred for mass, symmetry and tine length–most 6 x 6 or better.

This is big game hunting the way it was meant to be. You will be hunting in a secluded, natural habitat, heavily forested in pine and aspen. The Ranch sits at the base of the Independence Mountains in Routt National Forest in what is known as “Colorado’s North Park” (an area famous for it’s hunting). Surrounded by forest and wilderness areas, it is just 22 miles North of Walden, Colorado.

This is a premier hunting experience, designed for the sportsman who enjoys hunting in a natural, pristine environment.

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