Bad River Bucks & Birds, LLC

Bad River Bucks & Birds, LLC
Mailing Address:
27619 Hermann Ranch
Draper, South Dakota 57531

(Phone: (605) 669-3440
Fax: (605) 669-3015

Bad River Bucks & Birds, located on a 100-year old family owned ranch in the rugged heart of South Dakota, is groomed for wildlife in its natural habitat.

Home to an abundant number of wild pheasants and some of the largest deer in the state, the ranch regularly plants both cover and food plots to attract a variety of upland game and deer as well as prairie dogs and other game. A portion of the land is designated as a hunting preserve, which allows for exclusive early and late season hunting. Trophy sized animals are as common as the panoramic sunsets.

Here the hunter will find sanctuary. Whether quietly huddling in a blind among never-ending fields of reed canary grass, tracking through a foot of fresh snow on a silent morning or celebrating a successful hunt among friends at our discriminating lodge.

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