For years professional drivers have asked the Interstate Sportsman to lead the challenge to launch a nationwide push for the creation of a National Fishing License for CDL holders. And …..they have accepted the challenge. “The America that we know and love depends greatly on the movement of freight by our CDL drivers.” says Brock Ray, co-host of the popular Interstate Sportsman show that airs daily on the Sirius/XM 1106 Road Dog Channel.

“Most Americans are not aware of the sacrifices made by our country’s 13 million professional truck drivers. The interstates and highways are driven 24-7 to meet the needs of supply and demand for our country. One of the ways these CDL drivers can recharge is through outdoor activities such as fishing. Nearly all states make special allowances for members of the military on leave in the states by allowing them to fish without having to purchase expensive, non-resident fishing licenses," says Ray. We want the same concept to apply to the overland drivers who deliver the foods, freight and goods to the virtual front porch of their fellow countrymen.”

The petition, being made available by the Interstate Sportsman, asks the federal government’s Department of Transportation and Department of Commerce to formulate a national fishing license similar in price to the Federal Duck Stamp. This license would enable the holder of a CDL to fish in any state during open fishing seasons. Currently every time a CDL holder crosses a state that is not their own residence, they are required to purchase non-resident licenses. These licenses can cost the driver as much as $30 a day to fish streams and rivers that flow beside the highways they use to deliver their loads.

“Individual states are likely to oppose a drive to create a National Fishing License due to potential loss in revenues,” says Don Kirk, the editor of the Interstate Sportsman Magazine published monthly to meet the outdoor recreation interests of the CDL holders.

Get on board today and get your voice heard through completing the petition to get the National Fishing License implemented for all CDL drivers!