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f i e l d
t e s t
Drs. Foster &
Smith Luxury
Bolster Dog Bed
Black Olive Kirk
Recently I and my associate Coco Ray received
two beds (humans refer to them as dog beds)
for in-depth testing and evaluation. During
the course of the preceding month we have
slept, napped and lounged on the Drs. Foster
& Smith Luxury Bolster Dog Bed. On a scale of
one to ten barks, I give it a nine, while Cocoa
gave it a ten.
Delivered right to my master’s manor, this
bed was a prayer answered; a respite from the
burlap sack stuffed with corn shucks, which
until the opportunity to field test a Drs. Foster
& Smith Luxury Bolster Dog Bed, was my sleep
station situation. As any sane human might
guess, I was dog-gone eager to try the ortho-
pedic dog bed with its 3-1/2”of supportive
foam to cushion my tired canine joints. The
Bolstered bed design gives me a place to curl
into and rest my head. This super cozy dog
bed features fleece sleep area that warms me
while also grabbing loose hair that seems to
be such an aggravation to my humans.
The combined orthopedic support and
rounded, bolstered comfort gives Coco and
me, and any dog for the matter, serene sleep.
The bolster bed is perfect for dogs that need
extra support under their joints and dogs who
love to curl up when they sleep. High-side
bolsters are stuffed full of something humans
call MiracleLoft polyfil. I am not sure what in
puppy tails that stuff is, but I do know that it
creates the ultimate pillow for dog heads. The
base is made with 3-1/2”of firm, supportive
orthopedic foam, ideal for aging, post-oper-
ative, and arthritic pets, which fortunately at
6-years old I am as of yet none of the above.
The beds heavyweight 7 oz. poly/cotton
maintains shape, even when washed, as hap-
pens far too often for my sensibilities. Accord-
ing to the Mistress of the Manor, her favorite
feature of my new test bed was it removable
liner. Removed via a recessed zipper, it en-
ables her to quickly toss it into a machine
washing. Although I was not consulted prior
to receiving my bed, it is my understanding
that Drs. Foster & Smith Luxury Bolster Dog
Beds are available in six colors: Java Bam-
boo, Wedgewood Marsh, Cobblestone Sable,
Meadow, Mushroom Sangria, andWedge-
wood Clay. These are human code words for
colors such as brown and brownish.
Speaking of humans, Coco and I are big fans
of Drs. Foster and Smith. As bi-pods go, they
are outstanding examples of their breed. Coco
and I truly hope they allow me to keep this
field test version of the Drs. Foster & Smith
Luxury Bolster Dog Bed. For more informa-
tion on my new bed or other products for
canines, visit;