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d e s t i n a t i o n
n a t i o n
Being an avid hunter and fish-
erman and a dedicated hus-
band and father can be quite
a juggling act when it comes
to vacationing. Earlier this year
my wife Anna and I took our
daughters on their first cruise to
Mexico. We spent a lot of time
in the sun and eating which
isn’t exactly my idea of a great
vacation. Shortly thereafter we
headed down to our favorite Florida des-
tination, Mexico Beach for some more
rest and relaxation. Both trips were fun,
but they weren’t nearly as manly as I like
my vacation time. However, I know as a
husband and father, balance is required
for peace to be the rule of the homeland.
Well, as luck would have it, I got ma-
rooned at the Great Eastern Outdoor
Show during a blizzard early this year
with thousands of show vendors.
Among the many vendors was Erwin
Clark, owner of Broken Arrow Lodge and
By Brock Ray