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g u n
r e v i e w
Buck Wilder
Few long rifles have entered the hunting
world with the fanfare that the Brown-
ing X-Bolt Hunter Medallion 7mm Rem.
Mag. did last years. Honored in every-
one’s “best of” articles, the
X-Bolt Hunter Medallion
is well on its way to star-
dom and for good reason.
Cosmetically, the Medal-
lion is a beautiful rifle that
inspired confidence with
each shot.
The X-Bolt
Hunter Medallion boasts
slender profile with ta-
pered barrel and a glassy
oil-finish stock that is re-
markably durable as well
as refined.
Like its older Browning
brother, the A-Bolt lockup is
accomplished by three vis-
ible lugs that form the fa-
mous “A”. The X-Bolt is to sig-
nify it is an updated version
of the A-Bolt, but in ways it
seems that to be more of a
marketing move. The top
of the receiver is where the
X-Bolt gets its name. Rather
than the conventional two-hole set-up
for attaching scope bases, the X-Bolt has
four screws per base. There is one screw
at each corner, hence the “X.”