Smoky Mountain Smallmouth Bass Fishin`

By Brock Ray

East Tennessee’s best kept secret since the A-bomb–our best fishing for smallmouth bass lays hidden in the very shadows of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.?

Conjure up an image of the Great Smoky Mountains, and you think of what– panhandling roadside black bears, trout fishing, and of course Dolly Parton. Over 600 miles of gin clear streams race through the timbered valleys of this half million acre federal tract that sets atop the Tennessee and North Carolina state line. And, these streams are chocked full of rainbow, brown and brook trout, right? Yes, they are. But did you know this is one of the few national parks where the smallmouth bass is native? And even more interesting, is that in the waters immediately downstream from the park boundaries where the state stocks trout, you can catch LOTS of trophy class smallmouth there this spring!

fishingImmediately downstream from the national park is a treasure trove of great stream fishing for smallmouth bass, especially between now and the end of May.

So few people know what you are about to discover about these waters, I may have to go into hiding when word gets out!!

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